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Singing lessons can help you achieve your singing goals whilst having lots of fun. All of our students say they "wish they had started sooner!
The Unlock Your Voice Singing Made Easy Membership provides you the keys to unlock your natural voice talent, no matter where you are vocally. You may be a beginner wanting to sing in tune or an advanced singer preparing for live performances or studio recordings, our membership is the perfect place to learn to sing better and with total confidence.
From The Desk Of Angie Caldwell Founder - Unlock Your Voice | Singing Made Easy

Have you ever wished you could sing your favourite artists songs with total confidence?

I’m not sure if you know this but Professional singers are not born talented. They've all had to learn to sing and unlock their voice. The reality is most people don't know how to sing, yet they hold back from fulfilling a lifelong dream generally because they are scared of singing in front of a teacher or peer group.

The good news is singing can be learnt. It's just like learning an instrument or going to the gym. Over time with the right guidance and consistent practice you will be singing effortlessly in no time at all. And to make it less confronting and even easier for you I’ve created Singing Made Easy. A complete learn to sing program that will help you become a master of your own voice.

Get instant access to all these Member Benefits 

As a member of Singing Made Easy you will receive instant access to our 6Week FastTrack Program Plus 12 Months Member Access to Monthly Training. Each week a new lesson will be unlocked with bonus monthly training and tools and resources to help you become a confident singer.

Breathing Support & Posture

  • ​How to Support Your Breathing
  • ​Breathing Exercises
  • ​Picking New Songs 
  • ​Fast Track Key and more...

How to Warm Up Your Voice

  • The best warm ups for your voice
  • Warm Up exercises 
  • ​Unlocking your songs 
  • ​Fast Track Key and more...

Strength & Flexibility

  • Creating strength & flexibility
  • New exercise sounds
  • ​Using special techniques in songs 
  • ​Fast Track Key and more...

How to Hit the High Notes

  • Expanding your range
  • Practicing the new scales
  • ​Sliding into new songs
  • ​Fast Track Key and more...

Get The Most out of Your Voice

  •  Factors on vocal health
  • ​Things that make it harder to sing
  • ​Maintaining good vocal health
  • ​Fast Track Key and more...

Improve Power & Control in Your Voice

  • Navigating your voice, Power & Control
  • 5Steps, Arpeggio Types & Shapes
  • ​Using shapes in a song 
  • ​Fast Track Key and more...

How to Learn a Song

  • Breakdown a song
  • Elements of a song
  • ​How to open up your song
  • ​Fast Track Key and more...

NEW Training Added Every Month

Each month a new training will be added to your membership to support your ongoing vocal development

Value Packed Bonuses

  • Audio Scales
  • ​Resouce Toolbox
  • ​Personal Feedback
  • ​Exercises with Angie
  • ​Fast-Tracked Progress Tracker

Plus As a Member You Also Get Access to Support
Via our Online Group As Long As You Are an
Active Member

This is your defining moment.
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We are so looking forward to seeing you in the program.

Learn the foundations to developing long lasting vocal technique
  • Extend Your Vocal Range
  • ​Develop Vocal Strength & Improve Your Breathing
  • ​Build Confidence
  • ​Sing Your Favourite Songs
  • ​Get Access to 1: Sessions with Our Vocal Coaches
  • ​Learn From Our 30 years Experience
Check Out These Extra Benefits of Singing Made Easy Membership
  • Extending your range
  • Developing your high notes
  • Developing your low notes
  • ​Performance Skills
  • Increased stamina and longevity 
  • Increased volume and power
  • How to sing in tune
  • ​Managing performance nerves
  • Volume control and reduction
  • Tonal quality development
  • Developing vocal runs and flexibility (licks)
  • ​Healing & preventing vocal fatigue
Take Advantage of our 14 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee
We want to eliminate any stress or hesitation you may feel by taking all the risk for you. Your risk is ZERO. You will get an entire 14 days to experience our learn to sing membership. If after you have completed your training and homework over the first 14 days and you feel our membership is not for you, just let us know. We’ll give you all your money back, no hassle.
What People Say About us...
"I started vocal lessons just over a year ago at the age of 33 with no singing background or experience at all. I was extremely self-conscious and had poor singing technique. I basically could not sing... Angie made things happen for me that I truly believed were impossible. All my goals have been achieved through Angie’s boundless methodical approach and her consistent encouragement had always reminded me never to give up...

- Alex B. Sydney, Australia
"I am a complete beginner. I always wanted to be able to sing out loud and feel proud as singing makes me feel so happy! Angie made me feel comfortable from the get go and each week my confidence and skill has improved. She is so encouraging and passionate and really knows what to focus on without too much technical mumbo jumbo. I have had private lessons and then also joined the group lessons which has helped with my confidence too. I always come away feeling happy and uplifted and focused. She is a really inspiring teacher and great communicator too" 

- Linda C. Sydney, Australia
" I now understand the mechanics behind how the voice works and am able to incorporate that when it comes to speaking and singing and learning songs"

- Abdullah S. Simei, Singapore
Have Doubts? We'll Answer Them
This is the FAQs section where you can answer the most common questions.
Will your singing lessons work for beginners?
Yes of course! The training inside Singing Made Easy Membership is designed for singers with no experience and want to start their journey or for singers of all levels wanting additional training to refresh or enhance their vocal development.
Can Singing Really Be Learned?
Whether you are a beginner or have been singing all your life, you can learn techniques to improve all areas of your voice and performance. Our voice coaches can teach you how to increase your range by up to an octave and have more power, confidence, control and improved tone. The Singing Made Easy Membership provides the keys to unlock your natural voice talent, no matter where you are vocally. You may be a beginner wanting to sing in tune or an advanced singer wanting to add additional types of learning for vocal development.
How Much Time Do I Need to Commit To The Program?
The beauty about the Singing Made Easy Online Membership is you can start your journey and learn to sing in as little as 5 minutes per day. of course the more time you put into anything, the better you will become and the faster you will progress.
What if I can't Practice Every Day?
We've designed the Singing Made Easy Online Membership with you in mind. You can go at your own pace. You get 12 months access to all our training, which is available 24/7. Log in every day or once a week, the choice is yours.
Surely I Won't Be Singing That Well in 6 Weeks!
When it comes to anything in life, we all progress at different times. We are very confident that no matter where you are with your singing level, you will definitely see improvement in your voice within 6 weeks. We are not saying you will be belting out those tunes like Beyonce, but we know based on thousands of students going through our program that when you understand how your voice works and engaging with our course it will enable you to see a consistent improvement with your voice.
 What Happens If I Want to Cancel My Membership?
We would hate to see you go but if you really don't feel that our Singing Made Easy Membership is for you simply email or call us and we will cancel your access. And if t's within the first 14 days of joining and you have followed the training and done all of your homework then we will gladly offer your money back. We know our online membership is not for everyone.




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